Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome to the Big Leagues Chew

During his comeback to baseball with the Atlanta Braves in 1978, Jim Bouton spent part of the 1977 season with the Portland Mavericks, an independent team in the Class A Northwest League. Sitting in the bullpen one night, Bouton watched his much younger teammates chewing tobacco. Fellow pitcher Rob Nelson said it was too bad they didn't make gum that looked like chewing tobacco.
After the season ended Bouton called Nelson and offered to put up the money and help sell the idea. They made a great team. Bouton designed a pouch, Nelson made gum in a frying pan and they chopped it up, stuffed it in pouches and showed it to the major gum companies, who all said the same thing. "That's interesting, but we don't make anything like that." Bouton and Nelson said, "Precisely!"
Finally, Amurol Products, a novelty gum company in Illinois, introduced Big League Chew in 1980. In the first twelve months Amurol sold $18 million at wholesale.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funny meaning funny...

Hope these aren't too local for our visitors abroad but these are def funny as all hell if you live in the tri state area, my wife put me on to these...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A few tatski's...If I post one of your tats or drawings or photos and you want credit or recognition for it, just email me and I will make sure you get your props, because I do post a lot of my own pics, but I also post findings from the webington...
JohnnyGues? killed it with this one on Vinnie boombots...

Old Coney Isalnd Joe Panther on my friend brandon


Tom n Jerry on Ralph...German slug...R.I.P. Tom Napp

2 Awesome tats I found online during one of my many clock kill internet zombie trance sessions.

You've got A friend in....Pennsylvania!

Young Edmund i2i and his childhood Best friend Scott from the other side of the keystone state got these two rad sluggs from Johnny G?
Check out Philly Eddie's new book...Im pretty sure it's amazing!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Frito-Lay has introduced a new flavor to the Ruffles chip. I started noticing the Molten Hot Wings flavored chips pop up before the Superbowl. Seemed like the right time to launch a flavor like this. Molten Hot is not so hot, but they weren't that bad either. I feel like it was missing something ? Maybe some sort of dip(Blue Cheese)

Friday, February 18, 2011

fitti friday..

A few fitti's from here and there....


Dear Spencer Pratt, 

After hearing "Aint No Thang But a Chicken Wing" we couldnt wait to get in touch with you! " Call me Mr, KFC" you say? Well, we'd like to do exactly that.

We heard the song came out before it was fully cooked, and that you were just winging it as a first cut. So on behalf of the entire Kentucky Fried Chicken family, we want to make you an offer so good you can't resist.

We're willing to help you tune up the track and even turn it into a tasty music video, featuring the Colonel himself. That is, if you're not chicken.

We'd love to hear you craft lyrics on everything KFC from our Hot Wings to Original Recipe Fried Chicken. We'll even provide you and your team with free Hot Wings for the recording session. And since they're sauceless, you don't have to worry about making a mess in the studio!

In 1940, our founder Colonel Sanders created his original recipe of 11 herbs and spices. With the addition of our KFC menu items and your buckets of talent, we're thinking that "Aint No Thang But a Chicken Wing" might just be your secret recipe for chart-busting success.

Let us know if you're down for this Kentucky Fried Collaboration. It's sure to provide us both with plenty of finger lickin' fun.

One final thought: Would you consider changing the name of the song to "Aint No thang Like a Chicken Wing"?


Roger Eaton

KFC President


Aint no thang but a Chicken Wing...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Sat In Oakland


Feb 19 2011
Art Show 6pm-9pm  All Ages
Showtime 9pm-2am $10-$20 sliding scale  +21
-Art exhibition by TDK crew + Special guests

Music By DJ's
Shortkut, Sake One, Fuze, Myke One, Platurn, Tim Diesel, Matthew Africa, Namane & Willie Maze, Big G(808 Band) + more

Performances By
Bored Stiff, Boots Riley of The Coup w/ Roberto Miguel, Hobo Junction, Rock Force Crew, Hopie Spitshard, Dub Esquire + Special Guests

Some of the Bay Area’s best DJs and Artists have assembled to pay tribute to life and legacy of Oakland’s beloved Graffiti King and Bay Area legend, Mike “DREAM” Francisco. Recognized worldwide as a style master, Dream’s pieces established the visual aesthetic of Oakland’s Hip Hop culture, and put The Town on the map in what is now the fastest growing art movement in human history.

This event marks eleven years since Dream was tragically murdered, and all proceeds from the event will benefit the Dream Book Fund and the Dream Legacy Fund for his son Akil, 11, who recently lost his mother to breast cancer.

If you are unable to attend and wish to support, please make checks out to The Dream Legacy Fund, or Akil Francisco.
Checks can be mailed to:
Irene Francisco-Ancheta
427 Central Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501

The Oakland Metro Theatre
630 3rd St Oakland CA 94607

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tattoosdaze and confused...Flashbacks anyone?

As an extension to to the tattoosday posts I have decided to bring to light another side of tattoo art and tattoo culture, I am by no means A tattoo expert or historian, but I do appreciate it and have A real passion for its past and present traditions. I personally only collect tattoos, and I am not A tattooer, however I am priveldged to be friends with people that have grown up in tattoo families, and have made tattooing A career, long before TATTOOMANIA hit television, and mainstream. Starting off this weeks TATTOOSDAY-FLASHBACK not related to LSD, but for some it may be, I have chose A few sheets of flash that I found to be BADLUX oriented, not much age in the paintings but there is A lot of homage paid through redoing old designs with newer ideas and themes. Tattoo flash has always caught my eye, for many reasons...Theme based usually, a lil' humor usually, and innovating past classics with new twists.
Fitti' Flash...

CN flat tat???

Rebirth of slick cause TAZ is cool like dat!

Bart reaper, need I say more...