Thursday, September 29, 2011


Enough with all the "cool guy" biker talk. No one cares about your double panheads and your stupid choppers, lets give the people what they really want to see!!! Here's a little peek of whats really going on in the bad luxury world...don't let these "outlaws" fool you!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

reinventing the wheelie....

These sort of videos never get old...Totally radicool filmography, music, and the dedication to being able to ride A bike in this way, its an art in itself. My friend Vincents mommy sent him this to check out...Peace!

A straight laced individual

Laced up the new wheel on Sunday night. I would of taken more pictures but I was covered in buffing shit from what seemed like hours of it, rim is real shiny though. Trued it to less than .020 of an inch out of round and wobble, about the thickness of a matchbook cover. Mounted the unobtainium tire. All that's left is to make a brake stay, cable hold down, and axle spacers.

Also threw some fresh paint on the tins. Tank is the one that Randy gave me when I was broke down in upstate NY.



Sunday, September 25, 2011

"You can't be street smart with A weak heart" Weak-end wisdom from our own G.Hirsch

My cuzzy young Edmund isn't so young anymore...He just turned twentyFUN!!!

Not related to cool hand luke...but stillcool.

Way Bitchin'

H-D racers...stay tuned!

"Clean cut american kid momma raised me but I aint no skid. I got A job I'll pull my own, I got A place I can call my home"

Native Americana...Moto Cycle related!

Not related to crystal meth...but the thrill that will scare you to death...

Hinch equipped is what I need in my lifestyle..

Shawn Save, if you see this on your thrifting adventures be sure to keep me in mind...

I fancy this type of behavior...

Den, I'll sell it back to you when you come home from Cali for twice the price...DEAL?

The Sabbath

Time for some new pistons and some polish


Plastic case.

Peter's 1970 rebuild.

Outside the new shop Under the el. I Love leaving here at night to neon lights and screaming trains.

59 pre-unit

Torrito. The view from the street. This shop should be open for business by spring. Stay tuned.

Strip tease. Filthy number needs to get cleaned and powder coated.

Spotted this at the greek festival in Broomall. Ate some spanikopitofilifikolopolos and did a dance.

Spent the day picking through antique markets and stores for 60's modern furniture to do up our new apartment. Discovered an awesome little shop in Media called Reconsidered Home ( check it out if you're into that type of thing.

I must have missed the invite for the party. T.I.P

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Sky pilot

Time for a little TECH for the bad luxers. I'm putting a 23" ferris wheel sized rim on my 58 triumph. The bike has a late model sporty front end on it and is raked. The wheel is off a 79 Honda xr500. Long and short of it is these two front ends are not even on the same planet as far as fit goes. I disassembled the wheel to strip the paint off the hub and polish the rim. Had to change the bearings out for a larger size, turn down the stock sporty axle, make and bore bearing spacer, make spacers for wheel. Here's the photo essay. Going to buff the rim and assemble the thing tonight.



Ye' olde America is alive and well...

I was first hipped to Hatch show print from A POLO Ralph Lauren line that was inspired by western rodeo posters and rodeo events in the late 90's. The graphics were very bold and had their own distinctive look, simple solid fill with bold lettering and placement. I was instantly affixed with the style and its lineage. Years later while shopping at the RRL store in Manhattan I bought A book that they were selling "Hatch Show Print" The RRL store is cool in that they sell their own brand and things that have influenced or parallel what the RRL brand is, after opening the book and skimming through I quickly noticed that Ralph Lauren had referenced Hatch Show print for A few collections, and know I knew why. I have A friend that is A screen printer and we always like to share neat little historic or cool finds that pertain to design, print, and anything related be it inspiration, or humor. I hope to some day even partake in some sort of collective so that we can recycle-renew our research and bring forth new ideas rooted in the heritage of these great lost American craftsman.
For my amigo Ralph...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"ebay is A great site"..."but you can't buy style on ebay!!!"

Keeping it moving like A uhaul truck...A few of these images I snapped out of books at Borders Books they are going out of biz, and instead of buying books, A lot of the time I just take iphone pics of the photos in the books I like instead of purchasing the entire book that is filled with mostly junk.
This is an example of my piracy... call me cheap, call me stale, I've spent most of my life chasing my tail...

Sailor Eddie the original from Camden, Nj...Great story of how these came about. He went in to Coney Island Joes to get tattooed, and Coney Island Joe told him "your not old enough kid" and my buddy replied to Coney Island Joe, "fine I'll just go to Sailor Eddie." Well, C.I. Joe didn't take kind to that smart ass comment and chased my buddy out of his shop and down the street screaming and cussing him out.

Don't forget the fire, and dont forget the fuel...don't let go, and don't forget your roots!

Philadelphian humor at the baseball stadium...

Rocket men, wrist rocket man Tatmaster Johnny Gues starship command...

Lets start today is the tomorrow that you should have feared yesterday...

South philly southpaw with A tazzy slug

Interesting stuff from this gent...

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Lets see if any of you bad lux skaters can mess with this.......

Tear down, Lost & Found.

Here is the latest progress on the Triumph. Ready to pull the motor for a complete rebuild and send the frame off to powdercoating. I'm looking for a different front end, preferably a 60's triumph, Ceriani Motocross or modern sportster, let me know if you can help.

Found on the floor at my new job.

Monday, September 12, 2011

California Dreamin'

This post is for the lil' hatchet Dee...There is some way cool stuff going on in these videos, Please be warned you may become A little cooler after you watch these videos. Peace, And Den these are inspiration for the big move...

United we stand???

In remembrance of 9-11-01 And in hopes that as A country we still stand united with family, friends, neighbors, and even foes in times when our country needs to come together and unify for strength and bravery. Just watch the news and see what goes on in other countries, and it will be very evident that America is A great place to live and be free...Viva America...

Destructo we miss you...

Dorothy Stucki from on Vimeo.

Dorothy Destructo and her artistical renderings, get familiar...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Something fun for winter.

Picked up a ugly little thing to tear down and redo this winter.


House of misfit dogs...

Last look at my old digs.

The new view

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