Saturday, September 27, 2008

cool signs..

Creativity is few and far between...this stuff is fresh!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back to the blog..BADLUX motherf*cker from up up block

Coney Island no realtion to Gilligans Island is an East coast Americana landmark, and like many other great places of it's kind it is the latest victim to corporate buyout and developement. This was the last day of Coney island as we know it, get ready for a Trump/Disney esque corporate shopping mall and hotels....heres a few pics...

Vintage signage

ESPO signage

Ye ol' fun...

Freak Show...

Yours truley,

Matt Wright signage...

Forever youngism Johnny Gues, is the best! Coney Island USA 2008 the last day of Astroland!

Bee Are double oh kay lynn the planet...

wonder years... no relation to fred savage whos not related to macho man savage!

O.G. Marvelous Marty the haggler immortalizes the the 574 by NEW BALANCE.

Old beef...

Am ESPO doodle from CINIK's book...

How much do I love hand painted signs.

"Hey Joey" Peep the italian horn. lol

R.I.P. Astroland Coney Island NYC

Come out and play!

Older Beef...

Maybe one of the best pics i've ever taken.

Looks like a sign painted by Matt Wright

Bump your ass off...

Crucial Ralph of EL TORO DE ORO and Timmy DIET...@ NEBULA show in Philly

Young Edmund...oneida nation loyal to Iriquois

Landskraper.".when the lights go down in the city"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

At the end of the rainbow...IT STILL RAINS!

My friend lewy Love from Seattle sent me this humdinger, he spotted mr.Happydiscofrizzfluffelectrocolorfroravecaveman at some festival... the sequence of the photos are too funny!