Thursday, March 27, 2014

Iconic to you...

...or the masses.  We all have these images. We've seen them in books, at museums, found them in a pile somewhere, etc.  Some you've even produced yourself and others by friends. Lately I've been making an effort to compile the images I really enjoy into some sort of order.  Some of them I own and others are taken from the world wide web.

Jerome Liebling - Bemidji, MN 1950

Proctor Academy - Andover, NH

Jules Aarons

Mine - date/info unknown

Atlantic City, NJ - 1925

Atlantic City, NJ - August 1953

Art Rickerby - Boston, MA 1962

Didier Ru - Bronx Zoo

Installing the sign at George's Coney Island Hot Dogs - Worcester, MA 1951

David Plowden - 1968

Drahotin Sulla - 1920’s

Elliott Erwitt - New York City 1969

Truro, MA - 1952

Sioux City, IA - 1975-76

Note: I've tried to include any information I know about each image. If you happen to have any info where I don't-- feel free to post it in the comments.