Saturday, March 28, 2009

Inspiration cultivates creation...

Bart school no relation to art school..

Art im diggin'- Morning breath show in san fran.

Sidewalk surfing...

Os gomeos art reminds me of these fine life experiences....rebelious-youth-graffiti-poverty-freedom-expression-creativity-living-dying....

I like this...Although in real life they are gross and its almost sad to see all the little flies stuck on the death trap. I guess it's the closet buddhist side of me talking.

Is it me or when you look at this picture does that little songy thing play in your head, like when you eat the pills in pac man and you can eat all the ghost. It sounds electro springy sounding.. funny pic none the less!

My friend Danny's newest project, the simple life aint so simple! The simplicity of these classic cars n trucks are anything but, when restoring them in a techy modern world. Danny im sure will find a way to restore this old boy to its youthful look. I'll keep you updated on the restore.

Recently I was put on to Rocky from a few close friends, this guy is awesome. Trippy mysterious kooky classic rock, what more could you ask for.

What he was really famous for, creating! Viva Von

Blacklisted shirt I designed for A hardcore fest this weekend. the shirt is a homage to Vaughn no relation to Von..

NUh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuhn....BAD MAN!

Banksy really killing it with this one.. Mr.buffman gets the gasface!

Chia pet x adidas collaboration!

Tim Diet and me were laughing at these little 80's babies a few weeks ago..

Brooklyn's own SKE bubble lettering...

No relation to Vaugn or Von, but looks like something von and vaughn would design if they created a project together...

1986 Philadelphia

This picture is what the inside of my head looks like...

Old school should always get respect...67 is a good number too! POLO LIFE.

Friday, March 20, 2009

fridays photo stimulus package...

Heres a good mix of pics so that we can get caught up, its been a little bad lux recession on the update side of things, so heeeeeeeeere we go....

Danny Bonaducci no relation to buying gucci....Market street philadelphia parking his vespa after zinging by me coming from the st. pattys parade.

Oldies but know the moto of the bad luxurious ones...STAY GOLDEN NEVER OLDEN!

Building blocks of brotherly love....

Not quite A Broad Street Bully..

Toshi with the hand poke tattoo including the outline, on Smitty at Olde City Tattoo - Philadelphia, pa. USA

Work is a four letter word...Den and I union wage slaves....4ft. pipe wrench is no monkey business!

The first public unvailing of Den's new artistic venture, He has been steady working hard on building custom motorcycles for the last 5 years, First a Kawasaki supermoto, and most recently on a harley bobber project, but in the meantime and between time he has managed to hone a craft that is pretty cool. He is inspired by the golden days of motorcycle madness the 70's san francisco, and bay area psychedelic motorcycle paint jobs.
pretty cool for his first tank!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Midweek is better than madweek!!!

Back to the regularly scheduled program....More Badness and More Luxuryness!

20th & Callowhill...Old childrens prison...An old friend of mine's life goal was to be a wrecking ball operator, he wrecked his own life on drugs instead, Viva DMYZ!

c3PO boom box...I have some of this guys art he rules!

I could have used one of these this past month!

Handwoven handjob..

Philadelphia King and Legend RAZZMATAZZ-> LAW 1

If you didn't skateboard in a major city on the east coast in the 90's this pic will mean nothing to you besides 2 guys shredding, but to those that did, the guy doing the invert is wearing NIKE GTS that nike is retroing in their SB(skateboard) line now. It's funny because at the time kids in the city were skating in sneaks that were not skate shoes, and these were a prime example of that, now, 2o years later NIKE recognized the trend and releases it to the skateboard line, funny how life comes full circle!

vintage radness, related to vintage badness!

I know a few people that could use this...shitheads of the world unite and jump off a bridge!

Smart Crew strikes again!

Good one!

I guess because this guy was at bike week in daytona he felt he had to put on his tough guy costume and represent, only to be clowned on the internet a week later. Pitbull chambray denim sleevelss shirt X Christain Audgier or some similar wack ass brand jeans= TOY! Found on a motorcycle blog I frequent, pretty funny!

Cityscape in a cityscape...

Godzilla in one city, but just a minizilla in another

Soda pop cans on ground shot at Flea Market.

If your old like me then you can relate to this jammy, NEO-GEO, this was all the rage when i was at a teen age!

My friend Shawn treated us to an outing at the south philly wrestling Ring of Honor, it was fun, funny, and definitely a good time!