Friday, May 30, 2008

Philly's own....Mark Surface

ESPO in the NY Times, pretty good little read.....
Heres a site to check too, some of his more recent paintings. I have been a fan of ESPO dating back to his Philly graffiti days, The ON THE GO magazine days, to his NY bust out on the grates, and all the way up to his break through into the art world, he always brings creativity and wit to the table, and usually exucutes a finished project that leaves you walking away with some sort of an emotion whether it be happy, sad, stumped, mad, or just in awe, he does it with a good mix of images and words, usually in some creative wordplay to make you the viewer think a little.

Unsigned Hype...

The ORANGEMEN no relation to Syracuse...

Monday, May 26, 2008


Always trouble surrounding me
But I've learned from past mistakes
I've seen true hate, felt real pain
Still there's nothing that can stop me

Break me down
I will rise back up

I'll overcome...

A few pics from the mix.....

Kadism pre Y2K doing what he does best...r.i.p the 1900's

took this at a red light on Broad street. looked to my left and seen this stuffed animal zoo on wheels.

Taken in Boston this past winter.

This is the coolest stained glass window i have ever seen on a rowhome in Philadelphia. Rockytown, usa.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am weighing me down...

the video.......

Blacklisted - I Am Weighing Me Down from Deathwish Inc. on Vimeo.

heres a cool video from Kenny Meez...Chino rips it and keeps on going and going and going...

Kenny Meez for them exclusive Federation dubplates....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Supreme X Nike = me getting fucked over.

Here it goes, last year SUPREME is asked by NIKE to do a new sneaker for their SB line, well they outsourced the sneaker research to a friend of mine who reached out to me for some input, we bounced a few ideas around, and i sent him a few pics of shoes i thought would work well with what SUPREME wanted to do. Supreme really liked the one shoe that i recommended to my friend, it was the nike trainer tw 2, so he asked me if he could use it to take to them and show it to them in person so they could get a feel for it, and actually see the physical shoe. Supreme is sold on the shoe, and decide it's the sneaker they want to do, and request approval from nike to do this sneaker, Nike in turn asks for the shoe to be sent to them in Oregon so they can look it over and see if they have the mold for it in their factory. They did not have the mold for the sneaker, so they needed to use the shoe I gave as a refrence to get this shoe into production and into the stores. In the mean time my friend had reached out to me and a few of my other friends to help concept a colorway and or theme for the final specs of the shoe, we sat and I did the illustrator drawing for the shoe and we tried different colorways and ideas, we thought would finish the initial idea off well. My friend goes back to Supreme and says "heres what I came up with", Supreme tells him "thanks but we already decided the colorways and themes for the shoe". If you have seen them then you know they FAILED big time, they dropped the worst colors ever and added material in places that it just didn't go. They reached out for input and paid my friend for his advice but didnt let him execute the entire vision , it's like they said "thanks for the idea, we got it now," and just totally missed the point, we designed the sneaker based on things we are really studied on and into, and it could have been the sneaker of the decade. Supreme, however decided to run with their concepts and they FAILED!!!! By now your thinking that the (=me getting fucked over) part in the title, is the story above. Wrong, that is just Supreme being Supreme and NIKE being NIKE, and them missing the whole point because they didnt come up with it from the door, they just wanted to make money and get press off someone elses knowledge and research, pretty much how the world works. The (=me getting fucked over) part of the title plays out like this. That sneaker was my wife's, and it is an original from 1988 and we found it in a mom n' pop shop digging for old kicks, She was pumped that they were her size and the awesome condition that they were in. That day we found a lot of old stuff, and the trainer tw2's stood out because nike never retroed them and proobably never would have if we hadn't found them that day, doing something that we love to do, and thats hunt out the old stock in the mom n pop shops across america. So the sneaker was actually hers her size and wearable. Now pictures start to leak on the internet about the release of a totally new nike never before retroed in a collaboration with supreme, Hype is beginning to build for the sneaker, My friend assures me his going to get my wife a pair in her size for her being so patient and trusting in him in lending out her sneaker. Fast forward to fall 07' the sneaker drops at Supreme and sells out, kids line up a week in advance to get the shoes before they sell out, when the doors open on release day. I call my friend and say "you got my wife a pair right?He says he's working on it, but comes back empty in the end, never got her a pair or anything at all for that matter, but yet his girlfriend got a pair his friends got pairs but none for my wife and I, a whole nother issue in itself. Almost a year later and still she has not gotten her shoe back, I call my friend email him etc etc. Like, yo get my wife her shoe she is not happy with you at all you never got her a pair of shoes or offered her anything for her help and she still has not gotten her shoe back! Well, finally I get word that her shoe is back in NY at Supreme and he will get it and give it back to her. Im stoked, she will be happy and it will all be in the past..........Wrong, yet agian, I get a call from my friend saying I sent you some pics of her shoes, and uhh they are uhhhh a little messed up... I look at the pics and My blood pressure starts to go up, The shoes as you can see below are destroyed, and I am left with um i dont know ummmm.. Well thats the me getting fucked part of the title. Never recieved a thing for my help in getting him the shoe, no sneaks, no doe, basically like your fucked thanks! So what started out as something I love turned into me getting shit on in the end, every one made out but my wife and I. My friend got paid, some of his friends got the sneaks, Supreme got their shoe, Nike got their mold, and what did I get for my idea of the shoe, me sending the physical shoe, and working on illustrator drawings for the shoe, a big fat NOTHING but heres your wife's destroyed sneaker back! Lesson learned!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Everybody's hometown..

I was in my hometown of Media, Pa. on saturday which is a subrub of philly about 20 minutes to the south. jason Goldberg just opened a new tattoo shop there called Baker Street Tattoo we stopped by to say hi to a few of the fellas, took a few pics outside of some locals we all know and love.

First up...Marvelous Marty the haggler

The lil' general Dibiasy

motorcycle michael foy.. aka "foy jr"

And batting clean up is a Garret who is a local media cat who is in a wheelchair and has overcome his diabilities and done amazing things, he wheeled across america a few years back, and now he is getting ready to go from washington state to canada. He just started getting tatted and was showing off his lil devil, and telling me about his next one, that is going to be "A Love bandit", what ever that is, he said it's like a zoro looking character with a bandana on his face holding flowers behind his back or someshit. Any way thats my man pots n pans, and he is living proof that sky is the limit in life and when you are dealt a tuff hand you make the best out of it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

next level...

Every so often you, yo come across the works of someone, that stops you dead in your tracks, and makes you say damn thats AMAZING! Yeah we have all been to an art show and liked some painitngs or seen a graffiti piece that was really dope, or liked a design on a shirt, but the concept, the amount of labor, and the execution of this work of art is just too good, he nailed it! If it is illegal that just makes it that much cooler that it was done just for the sake of self gratification and expression, one of the last freedoms we still sort of have.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

covering the art of beef...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

woah, the younger generation is lost!

Respect your elders! Public service announcement from BAD LUXURY...I mean this.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Getting ready for the olympic spirit...

It is always fun to see people think outside the circle, and create cool fun stuff using something that that everyone else takes for granite...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Danziggy Stardust




Make like the violent femmes and..ADD IT UP!

Get out and see these guys on tour, they are always coming to a town or city near you, and they lay it down live!

This brand is called..........BAD LUXURY!
Bad Luxury shirt done last year, we got a few left if your interested. BADLUXURY@GMAIL.COM

Monday, May 5, 2008

you've got a homeboy in pennsylvannia.

Mc G-hog from the slums of Puxatawny, Pennsylvannia, Is tired of shadowboxing he is dropping gems for the keystone state representatives....

if your not from Pennsylvannia you probrably don't get the humor....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

sunny fundays.

This pertains to sunny and funny, watch that sun, man its strong you can end up with the leatherlook..

God saved the queen....

Look out wifey just got her license and is out n about, she passed the driving test although she is legally blonde..

"Shit outta luck!"

You know you are getting old when you can reminisce down memory lane, all the way back to mario numero uno...Where do you fit in on the mario timeline?

This is the "funny" part.....