Saturday, July 31, 2010

street dreams are made of these....

War stories shared from some of American fitti's very best. Your not going to learn or here about these stories in a art history book or in some sort of art museum. I love history and it's fascinating to here stories of an American folk art scene that is beyond the boundaries of even being considered cutting edge, it's incomprehensible that this art form is still alive and well throughout the world, and it still holds such mystique and rawness. The stories that come along with the territory of this lifestyle could fill movie scripts from here to Hollywood and back, the coolest part of the lifestyle is that most of those stories are only spread to each other or whisper down the lane to those that are within the circle....

Skuf rough cut from New Design High on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Busy Los Angeles Night This Saturday

Fill the gas tanks up because these are 3 really good openings you dont want to miss..

Bad Seed grand opening group show

 Bert Krak and Bob Roberts Ladies Welcome at Known Gallery

Bill McMullen's Checks Cashed at HVW8 gallery

HVW8 Art + Design Gallery
661 N. Spaulding Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Opening: July 31, 2010, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm Closes: September 14, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?

 When I first moved back to San Francisco I noticed this wall that had potential for it to be painted. The wall would probably get tagged once a week at least. San Francisco has some law that If your business is tagged, that business is responsible to clean and buff it. Knowing this Curve and I approached Fanny's with the hopes of being allowed to paint something along side their business. Fanny not quite understanding what we were trying to do rejected us. More than a half a year goes bye and I notice that Fanny's is no longer there and that there is a new restaurant in its place. I call Curve to tell him that Fanny is no longer there and that a new restaurant has taken its place called SO. So we go and talk with the owner of SO and ask If he'd be interested in letting us paint the side. He loved our idea and 4 days of painting and 3 weeks later...View more pics HERE

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shorty Wanna Ride?

Young Buck goes for a ride on his bike

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Comic-con 2010

July 22- 25 San Diego hosted another International Comic-Con. I didnt make it, some things I missed..
A little Cosplay

Girls like comics?

Friday, July 23, 2010

creative wavelengths..

we need to have a BAD LUX parking lot sidewalk surf contest with plastic waves...

Frieday like Capone N Noreaga

To Kuwait

The Kuwait Food Company (Americana), one of the largest food companies in the Middle East, has managed to successfully achieve the Guinness World Record for the largest serving of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bad Lux clock kill dude'll sesh...

70's north philly hustle meets trendorama internet drug art hippy hipster fitti'...None the less I caught a case killing time!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bad Luxury Hellion youth club!

Related to the Misfits Fiend Club, in more ways than one. So, I met my best friend 17 years ago because he was wearing A DANZIG shirt, and that day we didn't really hit it off to well, to say the least. Summer 1993: A few friends and I were out BMXing in the town we grew up in, well actually it's everyones home town or so they say, we ride up to a popular skate spot to see if any of our friends were there, come to find out a few friends and a stranger to whom I have never met or seen. We say what's up to so and so, and my friend ILLewsion looks at this stranger who is wearing A DANZIG shirt and starts wailing out the lyrics to "MOTHER" by Danzig. It was supposed to be a compliment to the shirt and to Zig' in general, but this new kid didn't take it as A compliment at all, in fact he went into a tyraid about what assholes we were and that we were posers because we dressed like skaters but rode BMX bikes, and that he was getting his license in a few weeks and we would never be allowed in his 79'NOVA etc etc.. He basically thought we were dissing his Danzig shirt and poking fun at him, it was one of the rare times in that era that we weren't poking fun of someone, and it was more of an ice breaker, and A way to say "Hey" cool shirt whats up! Well, he basically hated us that day and we hated him, we did learn his name that day it was Marty, and he was from the next town over. As the next weeks went by we ran into him a few more times with reluctant coolness, and conversation, at different skate spots in and around town with different kids we knew from the neighborhood. Eventually, we began to hang out and be social, while skating at local spots, we even got a good laugh out of the day we met. Fast forward a few more weeks of all day skate sessions and hell raising, and Marty got his license. Guess who he called to go out on the first day in his car, the same kids he told a few weeks prior that we would never get to go in his car to go skate or hang out at different places. Well, that was pretty much the keystone to our friendship, the first night out in his car we went to a local grocery store and stole some pies that were eventually going to end upon the face of some poor random person we drove by, as our friends came out of the store they were getting chased by the baker the manager,and security we were flying through the parking lot doors on the car swinging open trying to get everyone in the car and get away...we sped out of the lot and picked our other friends up down the street. Kids will be kids, and I will leave it at that, but I will say that A few people ended up with A pie smashed on their face as we pulled over and asked for directions... It was the beginning of our hellion behavior and just the beginning. By this time Marty was like one of the locals we all loved him, and knew that hanging out would be an adventure, Well I don't want to leave out 17 years worth of mayhem, and insanity but that is for another time and another place. Well we are still friends to this day and it's been an adventure since that summer of 1993, some good some bad, but we are still friends and that is pretty cool to me! Heres a few amazing pics he found in his dads photo album from the 80's before he moved to our neighborhood. This is when he lived in Ridley Park, Delaware County, Pa. this was the beginning of the "Baggage Handler" himself Delco DMYZ!

"I knew what my future would hold"

Pre teen delco punk...

Roskopp Christmas!

P.S..... be on the look out for his "Baggage Handler" zine coming soon!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Frieday New and Free!

KFC is so confident in the Doublicious' one-of-a-kind sweet and savory flavor combination, they are offering free Doublicious sandwiches to the first 10 employees of a competitive fast food restaurant who visit participating KFC restaurants on July 20th -- just show up with your uniform on.
The latest sandwich from KFC combines a savory boneless chicken filet with a sweet Hawaiian Bread bun for a one-of-a-kind taste combination. Available in both Original Recipe and Grilled! (Subject to availability)

Some Free Coupons to print
New York





Los Angeles



Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Sat In LA

Curated by Caleb Neelon, the exhibition features Ed Emberley as well as five artists who were inspired by him. The artists include Raul Gonzalez, Seonna Hong, Matt Leines, Christopher Kline and Saelee Oh.
For "Ed Emberley & Friends," each artist will create a six-foot-by-six-foot wood panel that is a mash-up of their own style and that of Ed Emberley’s instructional drawing books. The tribute paintings will be exhibited alongside examples of each artist’s individual work. After the show, each of the large painted panels will be donated for long-term display in children’s hospitals around the United States.
Emberley will have the largest presence in the show, contributing work from his archives including dozens of pages from the 1970s original mockups of his books. He will have recent drawings of his classic characters for sale, as well as a limited-edition print made especially for the show.

This Sat In SF

This Saturday my friend Andrew Schoultz is curating a group show at the Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco. Featuring new work by Ben Venom, Casey Jex Smith, Glen Baldridge, Harley Lafarrah Eaves, Kevin Taylor, Kyle Ranson, Laurie Steelink, N.Dash, Shelter Serra, Thomas √ėvlisen, & Vanessa Blaikie.

Weight Perception
Guerrero Gallery, July 17th - August 7th
Curated by Andrew Schoultz

Guerrero Gallery
Saturday, July 17th, 2010
6:00PM - 11:00PM
2700 19th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Ph: 415.400.5168

Sunday, July 11, 2010

American legend, English Labor...

America On Line pickers...While out and about on an internet stroll through downtown cyberville, I stopped by Ebay to see if anything caught my fancy. It didn't take long, when I noticed this indian scout bicycle with local pick up only in Collegeville Pa. which is only about 40 minutes west of the city. Needless to say the bike is sitting in my living room, and for the last few hours I have been researching the history and origin of this bike. Found a few pics here and there until I struck gold with this blog OLD BIKE Exactly the historic referencing I was looking for! Well, until an Indy scout with a flathead motor is sitting in my garage this will have to do.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scatterday..related to TATerday...

-Huntings and gatherings-

I put my paper on paper...


Wants vs. needs...

back STABah no relation to Black Sabbath..

Neato...related to mag..

Id love to see the carfax report on this death machinery!

Life was simple when these were the only choices I had to make...the golden daze...related to the golden gaze.

Classic never goes out of style...

Retiring an old Tshirt! Related to the subway train the math?

Dave is the MANN...

Iron Made in to A rolling canvas...

I've been called worse...

My friend Vinny got a new ttoo from Johnny Gues......

and I got this lil' killa' dilla from Scott Smith...