Saturday, October 31, 2009

laughing all the way to the bank....

I'll be part of the red sea tonight to welcome home our fightin' Phillies at citizens bank park...I wish Beanie Siegel was doing his new Jay-z diss song at the opening of the game, that would be radical fully automatical...GO PHILS!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Heres my costume!

...And heres my theme!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

90's revisted...

This is the Hip Hop music I can relate to, not related to the candy rap of today!
Black thought needs a new hat though!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Broad Street VS. Broadway!!!!

"THE WIZ KIDS" revenge starts wednesday...

Im broad im broad im broader then broadway....

Sunday, October 25, 2009



Friday, October 23, 2009

all in all its just another brick in the wall....

took this pic on Christian street, promo for Michael Moore's new film. Thought it was an ironic photo with the flag painting in the backround, and the empty lot...Im sure it was done there for that exact ironic reason, but the picture really depicts that.

At the end of the rainbow it stilllllllll rains...South Philly

I have wanted to take a pic of this for a long time and they just recently took the blocks down and I was bummed out, but they must have took them down to repaint them, cause they were back and freshly painted. Fizzano Bros. block company Ridley Pa. My great grandfather worked there, the place has been there for sometime now. I just thought it was neat how they broke the cinder blocks to show their patriotism.

I call this plant the air max 95 plant..Longwood Gardens Kennet Square, Pa.


Found these pictures while hanging ten on the internet, way cool pictures of Roger Waters doing fitti' in israel, in a bedrock of war!

here he explains...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintage vibes....

When the grey gloom of city life gets you pressed, take a ride to the country side..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wireless router pretty much went kerplunkity, so haven't really been online, but I been busy, so as soon as my internets get back on track the posts will be more frequent, thanks for the patience as we work out the technical diffs. Saturday I got tattooed on the USS Olympia by Jay Goldberg on the outline and Johnny Gues with the shading and color. Pretty neat to get tatted on a ship like the good ol' days. Jay and Johnny each drew up a sheet of flash for the convention of classic american tats souvenir size, and every tatty on the page was 60 bucks. Then when it came time to putting the ink in, they also took the old time route with one artist doing the outline, then passing you down the line to the next guy to get the shading and color, production work!

Johnny boy master electrical tattooist....Peep the heavy artillery in the backround.

I thought it would be fitting to get Popeye, since I was on a ship, and I got the owl because my wife is infatuated by owls.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

doodles from the desk of Captain Coolout, distant cousin of Chuck Chillout

Peas, <3, and :)ness practitioner.

13ad meaning Good(7)...


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Streets disciples...

Street wear, no relation to streetwear............
From the 1960's til the 80's Street gangs were an iconic part of New York's street culture, Denim jean jackets with the sleeves chopped off, or leather vests were A common uniform for most of these clubs. The names of the gangs were catchy, and cool, and were usually displayed on the back of the vest or jacket alongside the gangs logo, and part of town were they were from. Cowboy, Indian and rebel outlaw fashion was also tied into the look of the gangs( it wouldn't be uncommon to wear a fringe Davey Crockett suede jacket with a raccoon tail hat, or perhaps a buffalo soldier hat, Bandanas, a few feathers here and there, it was an original mash up of different time periods mixed and matched to create a rebelious look, sometimes with a machete or sword, maybe a flint lock piece as well.) Whether it was THE SAVAGE SKULLS, THE CRAZY HOMICIDES, THE TOMAHAWKS, THE BALL BUSTERS, WE CHILL TOGETHER, 7 IMMORTALS, or one of the many other gangs, they played a part in the beginning of an urban movement that helped in my opinion mold the early years of hip hop culture. I have always been intrigued by subcultures, and New York street gangs are at the top of my interest list, there was a huge gang era in Philadelphia during this time as well, that I know a little more about, due to some extensive research and photo documentation that some of my close friends have done. Well thats for another time, but back to NY, the street gangs there were colorful and memorable, with more glamour then Philly. The movies "WARRIORS", and "80 BLOCKS FROM TIFFANY"S" are a take off of real life things that were happening at the time. Heres a few pics,and clips to help paint the picture a little better. Henry Chalfant who is widely known for his movie "STYLE WARS" and the book "SUBWAY ART" made a documentary about these gangs that he finished in 1993 and will be coming out this month I believe, do check it out if you find this post interesting, I am into history of all sorts, and especially stuff that is relevant to the stuff i'm into today, and it is neat to see were certain styles and trends got their beginning. Check it, check it out now...


Friday, October 9, 2009


Brooklyn's own Tommy Rebel sent me this video, and to be quite frank with you, my mind was....lets just say Blown. If I had to label my generation I would have to use the ever so popular word "extreme" I think that would be a fitting word that could serve as a generalization of sorts that depict the lengths that people of our generation have gone to make a crowd ooh and ahhhh. Maybe the term Generation X was referring to Xtreme, who knows but this video is monkeys, Thanks Tbone!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

powerful impact...BOOM from the cannon!

Been super duper busy, not much time this week to get online, but I had a few minutes tonight, so I decided to post some of the pics of familiar faces I had saved on my computer. for some reason or another, all of these people made a difference in my life in one way or another, sorry for the bland post, but some of the pics are pretty cool enjoy. Peace!

A young air Jordan

One cool president!

The Harsh Reality...

WW2 native american navajo code talke.r

Youth of yesterday!

Thats not fools gold...Fool!

Pre Air Jordan UNC college days....This picture is awesome!

X and Ali

Evel meaning good.

Grandmaster Yip Man and Young Bruce lee

Life doesnt begin at 40 for those that went 60 at the age of 20, O.G party animals. The Beasties!

Unitas we stand! American Legend Johnny U.

Lance Mountain in his 40's still rippin' I got this pic from 4Q great blog from Max Schaaf