Monday, August 19, 2013

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Keeping the coal burnin' and the wheels a turnin'

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Putting the Pow back in the Wow...

Your kids are only young once and watching them grow so fast almost makes you sad, but happy at the same time as if that makes any sense. Well it makes sense to me because the sadness is brought on by this lil person not being so little anymore and knowing that particular time has gone to the wayside and never will be again only in memories and pictures, and the happy part which is the part that I want to emphasize the most is that they will grow each day into there own little person and eventually, adulthood. The anticipation and expectations that each day brings comes with new smiles and laughs from the things they do and say as they find their way in the world. My wife and I try very hard to leave a positive and everlasting impression on our girls that we hope will cultivate both artistically, socially and culturally so they can experience the best things that life has to offer. When my Meliss told me we should have a native american themed Pow Wow for Mads 3rd birthday it was a no brainer!!! She spent the next few weeks putting together the coolest birthday party that money can't buy! I thought this was a special party because it was not themed with some silly cartoon or TV character motif but spiritual and cultural props and goodies that helped present awareness of simpler civilizations and people, and there was lots of love put into getting all the cool things to make it special. The kids loved the tipi, the canoe, and the blow up tomahawks and it wasn't forced through forced education but presented in a fashion that they had fun. Edutainment at its finest! Here are a few pics of a day that will leave an impression on me, seeing all the lil brave hearts with warpaint running around our yard having fun! Maddy I hope one day you will look back and enjoy the day as much as we did. Love Daddy!