Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Cool Texture...

Programmatic architecture is witty, fun, scenic and iconic. The roadside Americana buildings along route 66 and throughout small towns in America have been diminishing little by little. These landmark buildings needed no advertising the building's structure and decoration was the lure for people to travel near and far to see these attractions. In recent times I noticed a gentleman named Bobby Green in Los Angeles trying to revive this really eccentric old trend, by relocating, and refurbishing some old iconic novelty buildings, then repurposing them into todays landscape for a new generation to enjoy. The conceptual approach to these types of businesses and landmarkitecture is pure ingenuity, with no trace of corporate influence just imagination and artistry forged into design then construction with hopes of attracting the masses as silly little idea becomes a reality that you hope others will find joy in experiencing as well. As we move at the speed of life in this corporate ruled world its refreshing to hit the brakes and slow down to enjoy theses small wonders of architecture.

Friday, February 13, 2015