Sunday, February 28, 2010

Traveling Wilbury's 95 south getaway!!

This past fall we took a lil weekend voyage to Baltimore, MD. There are a few cool dog friendly hotels so we thought it would be cool to grab the leashes and few changes of clothes and hit the road south on i95. Destination Baltimore, hadn't been to Baltimore in over 15 years, so we were due for a visit. I get the whole charm city thing now, it is quite charming it almost has a suburban feel intermingled with the harbor and cityscape. We checked out the Tattoo museum, the aquarium, the malls, the street fairs in Fells point, and basically just took as much in as possible in 2 days. Heres a few pics that are BAD LUX relevant I suppose. All the good pics were taken by my Meliss, the so so ones were taken by my iphoney camera. Do click some of the pics to see the detail on those classic cars dashboards, detail is impeccable.
Americana is alive and well in Baltimore!

I'm sure a lot of TULL was played in those cars....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Love Letter For You

To piggy back my post from yesterday about the ICY Sign Shop, today I awoke and decided to head down West and take some photos of the Love Letters best seen from the street. Me, Kristin, and my daughter drove west down Market pulling over block to block, taking photos of the lovely murals. It was my 2nd time seeing them in person, but it was Kristin's first, she was excited the whole ride down. Kristin said "It really seems to have come from the heart, the murals could come off as advertisement. But, you can easily take so much more from tthem. As if it were signs any single person could have wrote to their lover." I feel exactly the same, and that is the thing about ESPO's art I love the most, the simplicity. His pieces are so simple on an art level, but as a whole, they are so complex and full of emotion.

Like said yesterday, please head down there and check these out for yourself. Pictures do them no justice at all. They truly are amazing. I also heard a rumor from one of the Mural Arts dudes, that they are looking for funding to do a similar project up east in the Kensington/Frankford areas. Boy, the roofs up that way would be amazing to see painted again. I could only hope that rumor comes true.

The Love Letter Sign Shop/Clubhouse at 46 and Market
Their are obviously grates down over the windows but, on
each side the word SIGN is painted twice.

The front door of the Sign Shop.
A sign on the front read...
"We Dont Cash Checks, We Sign Em"

Hold Tight
51st St.
Block of Buffed Out Houses
Reasoning For Doing The Project
Boring and Pointless, Grey and Brown Rooftops
Also, Check The Green and Pink Background?
Looks Like The Pint Piece
Wonder What Happend?
Look, Look, Look, Look
Any Way You Want, As Long As Its At Me
6223 Market St.
Knocked On Your Door
Legs Tired, Back Sore, Migraine For Sure
No More I Swore, You Smiled, Im Cured
5027 Market St.
If You Were Here, Id Be Home Now
5101 Market St.
To Have And Hold
5035 Market St.
Open Your Eyes, I See The Sunrise
5221 Market St
Little Message and Hand Style
Next to the Pinty, No Getty
Drugs Create Thugs, Guns Kill Son, Love Makes Love
The Choice Is Yours
For You, I Got Daycare Money
And Carefree Honey, For Now On
6121 Market St.
Co-Sign On Our Lifetime
N 62 St.
I Wanna Call You Names
Baby, Lover, Friend, Mama
See Me Like I See You, Beautiful
5017 Market St.
Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime
4804 Market St.
Ill Shape Up
6126 Market St.
One Of My Favorites, So Clever
Miss You, Too Often Not To Love You
Inspired By Old Septa Signage
5521 Market St.
The Never Ending Circle
6043 Market St.
For What I Want, I Can Wait
Ill Wait 4800 Years, If I Have To
4800 Market St.
Wanty Pint, No Getty
6249 Market St.