Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Right hooks of passage.

A while back I posted about the TAZ tattoo and it's history in the tattoo shops, well this next tattoo is no stranger to the walls of old school street tattoo shops either. The same neighborhood guys who donned themselves with the TAZtoos, are the likely suspects that you may see with a KID SLUG tat as well. It's such a tough tattoo, and the guys that chose to carry it for life, more chances than not are just as tough. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's a very working class blue collar image that says to the public, I don't put up with shit, and if it comes down to it I'm not scared to put up the dukes. Unlike the military tattoos that homage different military branches or wars, this tattoo fits more to the neighborhood, and family. The ones I see most have a name underneath, Whether it be the guys son, or his own name stating that he at one time in his life was a slugger, or A neighborhood name as well is common along side or below the KID, showing his pride for the 'hood were he grew up at and that he will or has fought to defend it's name. I love this tattoo it is so basic, and almost innocent with the "LITTLE KID" aspect, but at the same time it carries A little F.T.W. attitude as well, being that it is a lil kid boxer, and we all know the main objective when you put on a set of boxing gloves is not to pick flowers or play chess, it's to knock the knowledge out of your opponent. I look at it in a funny way sort of, almost like A warning tag that comes along with that person: Mess with me and I will SLUG you, everything comes with a warning tag these days, right ? Who would you be more intimidated by the guy with the chrome dolphin jumping in front of a sunset or the guy with the KID SLUG tat that has the guys nickname "knockout ned" underneath. Not that you are or are not intimidated by this person is not my point. The point is this is an old time super duty tough tattoo, that has not faded with time, like the tribals, the dolphins, the parrots, etc etc... I always loved seeing this tattoo as far back as I can remember paying attention to tats on people. As A young one growing up in working class neighborhoods, and working in the union myself It always stood out that this person may have been a golden glove or may have been a neighborhood hero, or just may have love for his new son, and got the tat to symbolize his sons manhood in this world. For whatever reason people have chosen to get a KID SLUG it may be a mystery but one thing is for certain, it is one cool tattoo.

This is probably one of my favorite KID SLUGS it's on my friend MR. G Sean Gallagher and the tattoo was done by Drew Rash. He has the little pompadour perhaps this guy may have a little southpaw grammar.

My little spoof homage to the tat. I was in Japan and got my KARATE KID SLUGG.

Bonus question who do we have herein this below IMAGE with the fresh KID SLUGGO??? Answer in the comments!


Rick Platel said...

yo, contribs are rad!!

Sean G said...

hit me up, i def wanna take you up on your offer.

nick said...

Wats up man. Listen my father is 68 years old he has a kid slug tattoo and i always wanted to get it cuz i am JR. And i got a bunch of tattoo'S but i wanted to get one the same as my dad...and since we both tuff guys i though it would be the best one..im just finding out history on the tattoo onley thang bout my dads is he got it in the 60's so its kinda hard to see it clearly ill send ya a p of it to show u....so if theres anyway u can send me some pic of kid slug tattoos so i got something to go off of i would realy appreciate it...my email is bustafree38@gmail.com