Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love hearts, not related to love hurts!

The 3rd annual Jinxed heART show was last night, great turn out and lots of cool art. I really like this group show, because you get to see so many different types of art, all with a different finished product, but starting with a common medium. Heres a few heart throbs from the show, I couldn't really get pics because it was crowded, and some were hung up high and i was shooting pics with the iphone. I will post more as I find them on the net. Got to see some people I haven't seen in a few moons, shared a few stories and a few laughs. Overall an awesome show, Supermodel Mike knows how to throw an event, never a shortage of fire water and food! peace and blessings to you n yours on Valentines day.

This was Den's heart, far outly titled "voyage to discovery"

This was my heart, Life imitates art and I work everyday to imitate my art in real life.

BTW... Blacklisted leaves for A US tour tomorrow, if they are coming to A town near you go see them!

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