Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The yin that makes the yang complete. Be it known that there are 2 ultimate forces of opposite nature that make up the life cycle...Here is the prettier side of that makeup, no pun intended. Hot rod culture is An amazing part of early American sub culture, that can still be found intermingled in subcultures of modern day, However with that being said, I don't think that it has maintained its longevity with the honey dips. Hot rod and motorcycle culture has sort of a masculine machisimo persona surrounding it, that it becomes easy to forget how awesome it is to see A site like the Dice magazine cover below. I am always captured by pics that flip the script on such a stereotyped guys guy lifestyle. These pics amongst numerous others that I have posted on here with similar imagery of hotrod/motorcycle girls inspire me, reflecting to A time when girls weren't scared to let their hair down and not be worried about getting their diesel jeans dirty, and all while looking cool as all hell...

SADE-Soldier of love
Unkle-psyence fiction
Led Zep-houses of the holy

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