Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yes indeedy it's time for some fitti'

The walls tell all, it's not always about the best colorway, freshest outline, cleanest lines, and raddest style. Sometimes the stupidest idea, painted horrible just works, it is about painting and having fun or relieving stress. I am always a sucker for a good gimmick, and funny piece of fitti' Heres a few that i found cool in one way or another. Some creative, some funny, some really fresh n clean, some silly, all just kids doing there damn thing, passing time, and sharing their vision for the world to see and critique.

ultra flat black sabbath

Polo rican related to butter pecan rican...

Whaaaaat!!! Is this the coolest thing ever Ralph lauren on a superbike americana with a Pwing monster, and a robotic skull flame snake


Kuma cutcha'

Brutus is going to get the bruises..

Arab nazi blow holes in your versace..

The berlin wall character killed it..The fitt'ist elitist Rime.

If you Hang loose you cannot lose..

Kaput spelled backwards is tupak and boob spelled backwards is boob...and racecar spelled backwards is racecar not related but I think thats cool!

KEPT corporate piracy..

Turbo related to Yo Bo! sunglasses make all graffiti look cool, No?



Roids gets magical!

In the tapedeck:
A trine called quest- Midnight marauders
High back chairs- of two minds
GZA- legend of the liquid sword