Friday, February 26, 2010

ICY Sign Shop

Whats up world?
My name is Sean Gallagher, Alex asked me to contribute to Bad Luxury a few weeks ago at the Jinxed Heart Show. Being a fan of Alex's blogisms and art, I jumped at the opportunity. Coincidentally, that night Steve Powers was signing his A Love Letter For You book down at Exit Skate Supply. He doodled in my stepson Kieran's book, which he was completely psyched on. I really wanna turn Kieran on to things that I love, at his ripe age of 8, hopefully he'll thank me one day for it.

February 12th, the night before the Heart Show, was the opening of the ICY Sign Shop in Center City, Philadelphia. Me and my wifey, Kristin jumped on the EL and stomped through the snow to 1225 Chestnut St. The walk from the EL to the shop was full of excitement, I had no idea what to expect of the Shop. But boy was I in for something special. I have been a fan of Steve's art for almost 15 years. The art of ESPO took a 12 year old white kid to places I never should of been. I did it because I loved it. Graffitti was my first love. I remember reading The Art of Getting Over on the bench in Tower Books on South St., until I grew the balls to steal it. That book woulda cost me like 5 weeks of allowance. Growing as a person and artist, it is really cool to be into the same things but on a much different level. The ICY Sign Shop consists of everything and anything ESPO, pieces from every part of every project he has been a part of. Graffitti sketches and flicks from almost 30 years ago, paintings, newspaper clippings, and sketches and inspirational stuff from the Love Letter project.

Opening night was the release of A Love Letter For You, a book documenting the 50 murals Steve and friends painted this past summer in West Philly. The murals are an ongoing loveletter from one lover to another, for the world to see. The murals are seen best by the EL, but I suggest walking around down there and peeping them in person. At any place you stand, giant type and graphic imagery punch you in the face, gracefully. It is so well done, the letter styles, the cleanliness, the boldness, and the punchlines. Another 10 from a Philadelphia legend.

Steve Powers has always been on a different level, taking things up to the next notch in everything he does. If you don't know, do some homework. He is for real. Here are some photos I took at the ICY Sign Shop. Enjoy. The Shop's last few days open are this weekend, so do youself a favor and try to pop in. You'll thank me later.

Doodle in Kieran's Book, Kieran's a big Godzilla Fan

A Little Message from Papa Es to Kieran

Love Letter Altar

Deitch Team Logos
Self Explanatory

Various Art covering the walls

Tattoo Flash and Idea Plate

Flash for the Love Letter Tattoo Shop

For Hire!

ESPO in the News

ESPO Artifacts

ESPO Artifacts Pt. 2
Mothers Day Light Box All Lit Up

Inspiration for one of my favorite walls of the 50

Doodles from Studio Gangster

Makeshift Desk in the Shop

Sketches in the Case
Sign Easel in the Shop
Love Letter was brought to you by the Mural Arts Program

Shop's Back Room Krink'd

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