Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"The Hope Fiend Collection" by Sean Mrg for Fresh Melt Water

For the start of the summer season we will be releasing a collection of tees and tanks titled: The Hope Fiend Collection. It is a collaborative effort with artist and friend Sean MRG that we’ve been working on for the last couple of months. Sean’s natural skill for hand drawn letterforms and design was obvious the first time we saw his work. We will definitely be doing more with Sean in the future we really love how these designs came out.

The collection came out amazing and we are even more excited to be able to present it to you as seen through the lens of friend and photog Bobby Whigham with Cole Mohr. Check it…

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beastie Eastie...Becaaaaaauuuuuuuuse

The coolest dudes out, fuck all the obscure cool guy no one ever heard of bands I try and tell myself i'm into.. these cats set it off on all levels since I was a likkle youth. Punk rock, rapping over Kerry King riffs, staying dapper, stylistic misfits! They represent the early 90's for my friends and I the old school kicks, khakis, funny tees, being goofballs, etc....My friend Marty and I always recite License to ill lyrics in our convos. I'm pretty sure the Beastie Boys saved my life once while tripping on acid...the guys house we were at went nutso listening to White Zombie and was getting A little violent, until we switched the vibe with License to ill, and his quote exactly was thank god for the Beastie Boys...LoL..Now that same dude is doing A 25-life bid for A one man crime spree in Montgomery County..True story!

For Good measure....after all today is the celebration of the resurrection....

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Al lil' add'ge to the Knees in the breeze Bad'ige...related to indians but not India!

A few years ago Lil Hatchy called me up and was like "Duuuuude you gotta see this moooooovie, its sick... Worlds fastest Indian" I trust Dens word to be golden when he is putting me on to something, damn if he wasn't dead on with that movie. I watched the movie in total awe, and besides the motorcycle aspect the movie it was an amazing life story of accomplishment and the will to manifest your own destiny. To hear Marty Dickerson in the video below talk about him with such high regard reiterates how special Burt Munroe was, even amongst people that got to be part of his life. Not sure if anyone has picked up on it yet who reads the blog but our own Knees in The breeze will be attempting to set A land speed record this year on A BSA motorcycle, and he has been working like A madman laboring and learning the speed tricks to make this happen, Just A little flash that he is doing that. we will keep you posted as to the details moving forward, best believe there will be BAD LUX SPONSORSHIP for our homie, and we will be there to witness all his efforts in hopes to set the record. til the next time....

Bad News Dan soon to be the worlds fastest BAD LUXER, hopefully running the record break through his mind while he was there...........Kneesy Breezy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Salty life

Tool Boner



My name's Mark and I'm a Bad Luxer. This is my first day here, thanks for having me. Since I'm new to this I'll just shut up and show some pictures. Lil' Hatchet worked magik on my bike, this is what it looks like. I make prints, you can see them HERE. Thanks for letting me share, I'll keep coming back.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

RRL London via Sanforized

Some flicks of the RRL Showroom in London via Sanforized!! Thanks mah doooode!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

No sleep til....

Alotta coffee, alotta driving, and alot of cursing...41' Indian picked person! Me and Lil' hatchet took A red eye road trip of sorts on the dixie route to Alabama to pick up my new best friend A 1941 Indian Scout. My dads dream was to buy an Indian and ride it out to our reservation in Oneida, Wi, and then across to the west coast and back if he decided to come back, he always jokes about staying on the rez...Well, as life went by my dad's dream started to turn into my own dream, I aCHIEFed half of both of our dreams this weekend, an indian motorcycle is now part of the family. In all of my hobbies and interests in life I have met really cool and interesting people, Ray Owens was no exception to that, He was A lifetime motorcycle guy, who had recently taken ill with cancer and had to downsize his tribe.. He sold 2 Indians this year, and has 1 left and 9 other antique motorcycles. He was filled with more knowledge in motorcycles then your average bear, and he took the time to pass some good info on to me about the bike and motorcycles in general. Me being the nostalgic type promised to keep in touch with him and the progress of what I do with the old time indian. He has spent 5 years getting this bike together mostly of original indian parts with only A few exceptions, but I won't hold it against him, I think he just wanted to get it finished. I'm not sure the direction I want to go with the bike yet but I'm sure it will be bobber/racer/traditional of sorts....I'll keep you posted as will I keep Ray posted.

Mr. Ray Owens from Alabama one hell of A guy and awesome motocycle builder!

"Meet me at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store, I don't have A cell phone but I will be there!" Ray

Lil Hatch' in the saddle...

Geeeetar in Tennessee...

Ray gave me this little book, and we talked about moto vs. motor...?

Rainbow after rainbow from the insane storms that rolled thru....Tornaindbows

Left hand throttle...right hand shift, aint that A bitch!

Throw dem bows...

Americana Pickers...

Native American freedom machine..

This post is for my pop chief rocka number 1...Dreamchaser and dreamcatcher...

This is what my weekend was like...true story!