Saturday, April 23, 2011

Al lil' add'ge to the Knees in the breeze Bad'ige...related to indians but not India!

A few years ago Lil Hatchy called me up and was like "Duuuuude you gotta see this moooooovie, its sick... Worlds fastest Indian" I trust Dens word to be golden when he is putting me on to something, damn if he wasn't dead on with that movie. I watched the movie in total awe, and besides the motorcycle aspect the movie it was an amazing life story of accomplishment and the will to manifest your own destiny. To hear Marty Dickerson in the video below talk about him with such high regard reiterates how special Burt Munroe was, even amongst people that got to be part of his life. Not sure if anyone has picked up on it yet who reads the blog but our own Knees in The breeze will be attempting to set A land speed record this year on A BSA motorcycle, and he has been working like A madman laboring and learning the speed tricks to make this happen, Just A little flash that he is doing that. we will keep you posted as to the details moving forward, best believe there will be BAD LUX SPONSORSHIP for our homie, and we will be there to witness all his efforts in hopes to set the record. til the next time....

Bad News Dan soon to be the worlds fastest BAD LUXER, hopefully running the record break through his mind while he was there...........Kneesy Breezy!

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