Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beastie Eastie...Becaaaaaauuuuuuuuse

The coolest dudes out, fuck all the obscure cool guy no one ever heard of bands I try and tell myself i'm into.. these cats set it off on all levels since I was a likkle youth. Punk rock, rapping over Kerry King riffs, staying dapper, stylistic misfits! They represent the early 90's for my friends and I the old school kicks, khakis, funny tees, being goofballs, etc....My friend Marty and I always recite License to ill lyrics in our convos. I'm pretty sure the Beastie Boys saved my life once while tripping on acid...the guys house we were at went nutso listening to White Zombie and was getting A little violent, until we switched the vibe with License to ill, and his quote exactly was thank god for the Beastie Boys...LoL..Now that same dude is doing A 25-life bid for A one man crime spree in Montgomery County..True story!

For Good measure....after all today is the celebration of the resurrection....

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