Saturday, June 26, 2010

The other National treasure...H-D!

Last week my uncle rode his motorcycle back home to Pennsylvania from Fairplay, Colorado. We decided to daytrip to the Harley Davidson factory in York, Pa. while he was home. What more could you ask for in a daytripping adventure....American workers still making Union wages with pride,learning history of Americas greatest motorcycle company, manual labor still being performed in A local Pa. factory, motorcycles, spending time with family, nice weather, knees in the breeze from 6:30 am til 10:00pm taking in all that the Keystone state has to offer. The factory tour was so so, we couldn't make it down the assembly line because the 2011 bikes were in production, and the dealers haven't seen them yet, so that part of the factory tour is closed til after July. However it was neat to see how some of the parts are made, especially the springer front ends, there is a lot of labor put in to making A springer front end. There is a lot of history in the York Harley factory, WW2 equipment was contracted and made there, it was an American machine & foundry(AMF) plant, and that company had bought Harley at one point in time, and made those AMF Harley lines in York. Harley Davidson later bought back the company and used York as it's largest manufacturing plant from the late 60's to present day. Most bikes were made in that factory. I didnt take many pics so I found A few on the web to help give this post A little color to go along for the ride. At the tour I learned of A new HD museum that was just built in Milwaukee, Wi, so if your in that region don't miss it, sounds awesome over 500 Harleys, from Evel's bikes to Elvis's and much much more. Taking the trip to the HD factory was like being A 32 year old little kid watching Mr. Rogers take you through A factory, and seeing how all the things we know to love are made, and even better at the end of that assembly line there is a sticker or a stamp on the frame that reads...MADE IN THE U.S.A.

1896 Saddle

I just re-covered this saddle for a 1896 Gales bicycle. Wooden rims & cork grips! Beautiful bike.

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Say Cheese

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today