Saturday, June 12, 2010


Welcome to the new bad lux tree fort...
Some random fitti' from here and there...some civilian, some villian, some skillion, some just silly'n...


Oh what a day!!!

Bad meaning good, if you share the same kind of humor as I do...

Ghost dini in the form of fitti'

The best that ever did it on a subway track....Period!

Civilized or uncivilized 85...

Hustlin' and fitti' go hand in hand..related to hand in glove while spraying mozfitti'


True story..The end!


Last of the famous int'l dolorean makers...

Go to the card catalog at your local library and look up that book title, you won't be dissapointed..Hint: John Narr

pedal powered fitti'cycle..

Radness...related to coolness.

Hoboism skisms..


Union strike fitti'

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