Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wireless router pretty much went kerplunkity, so haven't really been online, but I been busy, so as soon as my internets get back on track the posts will be more frequent, thanks for the patience as we work out the technical diffs. Saturday I got tattooed on the USS Olympia by Jay Goldberg on the outline and Johnny Gues with the shading and color. Pretty neat to get tatted on a ship like the good ol' days. Jay and Johnny each drew up a sheet of flash for the convention of classic american tats souvenir size, and every tatty on the page was 60 bucks. Then when it came time to putting the ink in, they also took the old time route with one artist doing the outline, then passing you down the line to the next guy to get the shading and color, production work!

Johnny boy master electrical tattooist....Peep the heavy artillery in the backround.

I thought it would be fitting to get Popeye, since I was on a ship, and I got the owl because my wife is infatuated by owls.

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