Friday, October 23, 2009

all in all its just another brick in the wall....

took this pic on Christian street, promo for Michael Moore's new film. Thought it was an ironic photo with the flag painting in the backround, and the empty lot...Im sure it was done there for that exact ironic reason, but the picture really depicts that.

At the end of the rainbow it stilllllllll rains...South Philly

I have wanted to take a pic of this for a long time and they just recently took the blocks down and I was bummed out, but they must have took them down to repaint them, cause they were back and freshly painted. Fizzano Bros. block company Ridley Pa. My great grandfather worked there, the place has been there for sometime now. I just thought it was neat how they broke the cinder blocks to show their patriotism.

I call this plant the air max 95 plant..Longwood Gardens Kennet Square, Pa.


Found these pictures while hanging ten on the internet, way cool pictures of Roger Waters doing fitti' in israel, in a bedrock of war!

here he explains...

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