Thursday, October 8, 2009

powerful impact...BOOM from the cannon!

Been super duper busy, not much time this week to get online, but I had a few minutes tonight, so I decided to post some of the pics of familiar faces I had saved on my computer. for some reason or another, all of these people made a difference in my life in one way or another, sorry for the bland post, but some of the pics are pretty cool enjoy. Peace!

A young air Jordan

One cool president!

The Harsh Reality...

WW2 native american navajo code talke.r

Youth of yesterday!

Thats not fools gold...Fool!

Pre Air Jordan UNC college days....This picture is awesome!

X and Ali

Evel meaning good.

Grandmaster Yip Man and Young Bruce lee

Life doesnt begin at 40 for those that went 60 at the age of 20, O.G party animals. The Beasties!

Unitas we stand! American Legend Johnny U.

Lance Mountain in his 40's still rippin' I got this pic from 4Q great blog from Max Schaaf

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