Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?

 When I first moved back to San Francisco I noticed this wall that had potential for it to be painted. The wall would probably get tagged once a week at least. San Francisco has some law that If your business is tagged, that business is responsible to clean and buff it. Knowing this Curve and I approached Fanny's with the hopes of being allowed to paint something along side their business. Fanny not quite understanding what we were trying to do rejected us. More than a half a year goes bye and I notice that Fanny's is no longer there and that there is a new restaurant in its place. I call Curve to tell him that Fanny is no longer there and that a new restaurant has taken its place called SO. So we go and talk with the owner of SO and ask If he'd be interested in letting us paint the side. He loved our idea and 4 days of painting and 3 weeks later...View more pics HERE

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street bangaaah...related to that echoiiing mixtape voice!