Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bad Luxury Hellion youth club!

Related to the Misfits Fiend Club, in more ways than one. So, I met my best friend 17 years ago because he was wearing A DANZIG shirt, and that day we didn't really hit it off to well, to say the least. Summer 1993: A few friends and I were out BMXing in the town we grew up in, well actually it's everyones home town or so they say, we ride up to a popular skate spot to see if any of our friends were there, come to find out a few friends and a stranger to whom I have never met or seen. We say what's up to so and so, and my friend ILLewsion looks at this stranger who is wearing A DANZIG shirt and starts wailing out the lyrics to "MOTHER" by Danzig. It was supposed to be a compliment to the shirt and to Zig' in general, but this new kid didn't take it as A compliment at all, in fact he went into a tyraid about what assholes we were and that we were posers because we dressed like skaters but rode BMX bikes, and that he was getting his license in a few weeks and we would never be allowed in his 79'NOVA etc etc.. He basically thought we were dissing his Danzig shirt and poking fun at him, it was one of the rare times in that era that we weren't poking fun of someone, and it was more of an ice breaker, and A way to say "Hey" cool shirt whats up! Well, he basically hated us that day and we hated him, we did learn his name that day it was Marty, and he was from the next town over. As the next weeks went by we ran into him a few more times with reluctant coolness, and conversation, at different skate spots in and around town with different kids we knew from the neighborhood. Eventually, we began to hang out and be social, while skating at local spots, we even got a good laugh out of the day we met. Fast forward a few more weeks of all day skate sessions and hell raising, and Marty got his license. Guess who he called to go out on the first day in his car, the same kids he told a few weeks prior that we would never get to go in his car to go skate or hang out at different places. Well, that was pretty much the keystone to our friendship, the first night out in his car we went to a local grocery store and stole some pies that were eventually going to end upon the face of some poor random person we drove by, as our friends came out of the store they were getting chased by the baker the manager,and security we were flying through the parking lot doors on the car swinging open trying to get everyone in the car and get away...we sped out of the lot and picked our other friends up down the street. Kids will be kids, and I will leave it at that, but I will say that A few people ended up with A pie smashed on their face as we pulled over and asked for directions... It was the beginning of our hellion behavior and just the beginning. By this time Marty was like one of the locals we all loved him, and knew that hanging out would be an adventure, Well I don't want to leave out 17 years worth of mayhem, and insanity but that is for another time and another place. Well we are still friends to this day and it's been an adventure since that summer of 1993, some good some bad, but we are still friends and that is pretty cool to me! Heres a few amazing pics he found in his dads photo album from the 80's before he moved to our neighborhood. This is when he lived in Ridley Park, Delaware County, Pa. this was the beginning of the "Baggage Handler" himself Delco DMYZ!

"I knew what my future would hold"

Pre teen delco punk...

Roskopp Christmas!

P.S..... be on the look out for his "Baggage Handler" zine coming soon!

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