Monday, May 19, 2008

Everybody's hometown..

I was in my hometown of Media, Pa. on saturday which is a subrub of philly about 20 minutes to the south. jason Goldberg just opened a new tattoo shop there called Baker Street Tattoo we stopped by to say hi to a few of the fellas, took a few pics outside of some locals we all know and love.

First up...Marvelous Marty the haggler

The lil' general Dibiasy

motorcycle michael foy.. aka "foy jr"

And batting clean up is a Garret who is a local media cat who is in a wheelchair and has overcome his diabilities and done amazing things, he wheeled across america a few years back, and now he is getting ready to go from washington state to canada. He just started getting tatted and was showing off his lil devil, and telling me about his next one, that is going to be "A Love bandit", what ever that is, he said it's like a zoro looking character with a bandana on his face holding flowers behind his back or someshit. Any way thats my man pots n pans, and he is living proof that sky is the limit in life and when you are dealt a tuff hand you make the best out of it!

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