Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Midweek is better than madweek!!!

Back to the regularly scheduled program....More Badness and More Luxuryness!

20th & Callowhill...Old childrens prison...An old friend of mine's life goal was to be a wrecking ball operator, he wrecked his own life on drugs instead, Viva DMYZ!

c3PO boom box...I have some of this guys art he rules!

I could have used one of these this past month!

Handwoven handjob..

Philadelphia King and Legend RAZZMATAZZ-> LAW 1

If you didn't skateboard in a major city on the east coast in the 90's this pic will mean nothing to you besides 2 guys shredding, but to those that did, the guy doing the invert is wearing NIKE GTS that nike is retroing in their SB(skateboard) line now. It's funny because at the time kids in the city were skating in sneaks that were not skate shoes, and these were a prime example of that, now, 2o years later NIKE recognized the trend and releases it to the skateboard line, funny how life comes full circle!

vintage radness, related to vintage badness!

I know a few people that could use this...shitheads of the world unite and jump off a bridge!

Smart Crew strikes again!

Good one!

I guess because this guy was at bike week in daytona he felt he had to put on his tough guy costume and represent, only to be clowned on the internet a week later. Pitbull chambray denim sleevelss shirt X Christain Audgier or some similar wack ass brand jeans= TOY! Found on a motorcycle blog I frequent, pretty funny!

Cityscape in a cityscape...

Godzilla in one city, but just a minizilla in another

Soda pop cans on ground shot at Flea Market.

If your old like me then you can relate to this jammy, NEO-GEO, this was all the rage when i was at a teen age!

My friend Shawn treated us to an outing at the south philly wrestling Ring of Honor, it was fun, funny, and definitely a good time!

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