Friday, March 20, 2009

fridays photo stimulus package...

Heres a good mix of pics so that we can get caught up, its been a little bad lux recession on the update side of things, so heeeeeeeeere we go....

Danny Bonaducci no relation to buying gucci....Market street philadelphia parking his vespa after zinging by me coming from the st. pattys parade.

Oldies but know the moto of the bad luxurious ones...STAY GOLDEN NEVER OLDEN!

Building blocks of brotherly love....

Not quite A Broad Street Bully..

Toshi with the hand poke tattoo including the outline, on Smitty at Olde City Tattoo - Philadelphia, pa. USA

Work is a four letter word...Den and I union wage slaves....4ft. pipe wrench is no monkey business!

The first public unvailing of Den's new artistic venture, He has been steady working hard on building custom motorcycles for the last 5 years, First a Kawasaki supermoto, and most recently on a harley bobber project, but in the meantime and between time he has managed to hone a craft that is pretty cool. He is inspired by the golden days of motorcycle madness the 70's san francisco, and bay area psychedelic motorcycle paint jobs.
pretty cool for his first tank!

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Art in 122 said...

that looks awesome! I just did a speedometer relocation that you might be into trying out. one of these 60 degree beauties coming up we should bring the thunder.