Sunday, June 29, 2008

Were the last 2 weeks radical mathmatical?

Heres a recap of the last 2 weeks, and why the posts have been slow. I made a little art, went to NYC a few times, chilled and swam and rock jumped from a waterfall at our secret swimming spot, and had some really good times with good friends!
Endless summer posse!
Me DJ Premier and marletti the marvelous machete, Were we star struck? YES! Premier pretty much layed the soundtrack to our youth and he is like our elvis! This was one of the dopest days of my 30 years on the rock we call earth! This is a poor quality i phone pic but we did get a good one on marletti's camera!

Dope painting at the board show!!! TOTALLY........EXCELLENT!

North Philly Cowboys, no relation to DALLAS!

Is Jackson Pollock painting Dibiasy??? I bought this at my friend Jerm art show!

Finally G and Jude ate with me and my Meliss at one of our favorite spots, The Latest Dish!

Wise Intelligencity! A photo taken on a trip to Trenton, New jerz for work!

Oscar Meyer weiner wistle...NO HOMO! took this out thrifting with my friend Timmy, and this guy had some cool old toys n such!

Looking at my from my Manhattan trip and Painting I did for an art show, if your interested in buying it let me know it's going for 1 million.

Rock a fella YALLLLLLL.....took this on a mish to our secret swimming spot, STAY OUT, LOCALS ONLY!

Ponyboy.....This is the board that i painted for the board show a few weeks ago, Soon I will get pix of the rest of the show up, and pics from the other show!

Is this the best wall you could ever have painted on the side of your high school..WEST PHILLY HIGH!


This picture is super cool, i boosted it off of JUDES myspace page so I could share it with you all!

Jeru the damaja and I getting paparazzi'd

Brooklyn Closet..vintage polo ralph lauren...COOKIE MONSTER would love to get his hands on that pic!

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