Tuesday, July 8, 2008



Keep it real son.Yo mad phat word up !

Learn your lesson or get blasted by Mr. Smif n Mr. wessun!

Meet stay fly's new neighbor....

Beating the heat...Doing what we do!

Are we jumping off cliffs wearing "SILK CRIZZIES" I think we are!

Did My friend Shawn savior show up to the Jump spot with the Silk Crizzy, and we took turns jumping off rocking it lovely like!

Looking SPLASH in the puddle, Silk Crizzies! Oh don't worry Jude isn't signaling for help in the backround he is getting backround props in the silk crizzy jumpoff...

High fashion HOBO.....what next?

North philly-> the badlands! posted by BONER in a philly graffiti forum, this is what the block thinks about rats! Love that.


Bad Luxury, if not get familiar!

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