Thursday, October 30, 2008


This will never get old....ever!
The great Harry to call the Phils win, he has been calling in the booth for 38 years and never able to call the win, he was blacked out in 80! Harry we love U

One of my favs.......

The big "P" stands for PARTYADE!

Ask Brad Lidge what he knows about the SAVE!

My meliss letting u no that we are numero UNO!

Don't let the beard fool you, I am not looking for a miracle, Just a reminder to Tampa bay, and the rest of the world! Did I predict this in tshirt form? go back in my blog and look at the shirt i have on....BadLuxtrdamous!

I get to see a championship in this town that I can remember. PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES NO. 1

Get that monkey off our backs!


Broad st. bullies

Johnny G.- Me-Jude

Jude videoed this right after the game, that he snuck into!

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