Monday, November 17, 2008

Lad Bux-->

Bad Lux related to Lad bux seen below in his early blinging years!

leggo your ego!

Speaking of letting go of your ego, I have a short story to tell! I had lunch with a few friends on sunday, and one of them was George Hirsch, frontman for the band called blacklisted. To me he is a Hardcore purist and instills all the right things into his music, and stage presence that make hardcore music what it is supposed to be. He is well studied in Hardcore history, and He pays homage to the ones he admires by carrying on, and furthering their visions, and quest to reach people and self express at the same time. He told me a story that put the icing on that cake. Blacklisted played a show on halloween of this year and all the other bands dressed up for the show, and a few of the members of Blacklisted dressed up as well. George isn't much for putting on a costume, but none the less to me he had the best costume idea ever! His band came out and played their first 3 songs with George singing form the back hallway, not to be seen on stage. After that he said to the crowd who can't see him "let me take my costume off I'll be right out, He then walked out on stage and told the crowd he was the "HUMAN EGO" for halloween and that there was NO room in the hardcore scene for it! Genius, and just another poetically executed stab at the things that bother him!

Went for a cruse on my new bike....

If you don't know the story behind John Delorean than this won't be funny to you!

1 girl 1 cup...

Season premiere tonight.

Usual suspects.

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