Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tatoosdays of old...

I live on A little street in A solid working class neighborhood in South Philly, most families have been on the street or in the neighborhood for generations. In these types of neighborhoods throughout the Philadelphia area there are lots of old timers that carry on their sleeves the glory days of yesteryear. Yeah we have all seen the Rembrandt tattooers of the world with their magazine tattoo pieces and trophy winning tattoos, but the tats that really interest me are on the arms of neighborhood guys, that have stories behind them, or just symbolize a specific era...You know the tats I'm talking about, the Taz's, the yosemite sams, the hot stuff devils, the kid slugs, the naked women,girls names, the executioners, the crosses with the 3 dots above, the hearts and name banners, the playboy bunnies..etc etc..These are the iconic tattoos that hold stories of the America we know gone by...A few of our fathers or maybe even uncles have these tats, and its fun to ask them what they mean and why they got them, because you know A good story would follow. Well, On that block that I told you in South Philly that I live I have made friends With an Old timer that lives on my street, and has for over 70 years. He still drives a hot rod, and works on it himself, still collects and builds model cars in his basement ( another hobby that is non existent)! Bobby is his name, and we always chit chat when we see one another he was always into motorcycles, hot rods, and trouble. Right from jump street I hit it off with him because he is covered in tattoos, and I showed an interest in his tats the first day we met. He has great stories about each one too. Here are A few of his tats, done by Sailor Eddie, Philly eddie, and Dracula.

Kids names never go out of style...Sailor Eddie

Own Last names remain too...Dracula

If you had this tat back in the day im pretty sure you had A rep to go along with it...I can't see some Urban Outfitted sissy scene kid rocking this tattoo and taking him serious.

This tattoo is way bitchin'... His boy thought he had got the coolest tat because he got one that said "Saturday night's alright for fighting" So he had to top his boy and went and got this one that says "Any night's alright for fighting" ..

drunken mouse..Philly Eddie

Sailor Eddie

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