Thursday, June 9, 2011

Northwestern exposure...

Took A little west coast rendezvous last week starting in Seattle and driving the coast down through Washignton state into Portland Oregon down through the Redwoods of Northern california into Oakland, and San Fran, Way bitchin of A time got to catch up with all my lefties I hadn't seen in A few lunar rotations

Two souvenirs we got in Seattle at Alki beach tattoo...Cool People!

cool sign in San Fran..

California dreamin' so we started screamin....

Seattle was supersonical stayed with Illewsion and he showed us an awesom time..
Blue collar statue,industralization of the nation...

Viva Americana...Not just A fad for me my blood pumps red white n blue blood...

Old man fitti' sesh in norcal...Had A blast!

bad Luxadors..

The ringleader of the tormentors...O.G. who put me on with the fitti'

This guy has more stamps in his passport then a lot, finally caught up with him on his home turf of California.

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