Sunday, October 30, 2011

His mind is warped he's covered with tat f#ckin' toos..

On weekend nights it is not unusual for a few of the Bad Luxicons to be hangin'10 at Olde City Tattoo shop with Johnny Gues? Scott Smith, and many surprise guests, that stroll in to entertain or complain...Hence the term "Ya'll spensive!" Well, this particular night I was in the back on the computer when Johnny called me to come up front to see something. He introduces me to Jimmy from the Canersie neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Jimmy is covered in old tattoos from Tony Polito "Brooklyn Tony" and had great stories to accompany the tattoos themselves. Johnny has taught me a lot about tattoo history, and it's always a great conversation topic when old time tattooers and tattooing gets brought up, John knows I have a passion for these old images and stories so, it would only be right for me to ask Jimmy if I could photo his tattoos, he said sure and told us the story for almost each one, with his wife in the back round confirming the chaotic times in Brooklyn Tony's tattoo parlor. All of these tattoos were done at a time when tattooing was illegal in New York state. "You came in sat quietly til it was your turn, you could not leave once you entered until you were done, and there was always a guy watching the door with a sawed off shot gun in his coat as a look out for the shop." Here are a few of Jimmy's tattoos done by Tony Polito.

Johnny did this on me that evening as well..

90's flashback for iLLewsion...Highscool when we reminisce....

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Awesome couple .. Awesome stories .. Awesome tattoos .. Awesome night!!!