Saturday, November 12, 2011

= JUDGE me not =

When Bob Marley wrote the lyrics "when the music hits you feel no pain" he must not have been thinking of the musical connection that has an embedded emotional attachment to memories whether they are good or bad or bad meaning good. At least for me certain songs or albums take me back to different times in my life, and songs in particular I can pinpoint exact memories, and periods of my life in which an individual song played the backdrop to that memory. This week my cousin Edmund and I spent a good amount of time on the road for work, and we were on a JUDGE-Bring IT DOWN kick. Well, the earliest memories I had of JUDGE were from a kid I met in the early 90's, that I called my best friend for the next 18 or so years, he was emersed in NYHC music and basically put our entire crew on with the lifestyle and beliefs of the hardcore scene. Ironically enough with JUDGE being the band of topic in this post and their strict anti drug beliefs being the mainstay in their legacy, that kid I called my best friend and I are no longer friends and he may say we grew apart and went our own ways in life, but to me the common thread of our friendship's demise would be the DEE ARE YOU GEE ESSS's and the shadowy lies and twisted thoughts that lie within a drug addiction. Help is only one decision away...
This song is for him...a reminder of yourself from yourself 18 years ago when you first put me on with JUDGE.

I've lost a friend.... FOUND IN THE LOST we'll see?
My cousin put me on with this unfinished documentary about JUDGE...

BTW...I am not straight edge nor do I want to tell anyone how to live their life, this is just a testimony of my own life experience, and hopefully it will reach at least one, or more people to realize the impact music has on people.

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