Thursday, April 5, 2012

Always be faithful to quality!

That is a statement to build dreams on, and on a smaller scale just a basic principle to live by. Quality has taken a back seat role in this country to cost, and quantity gimmicks. The ye Old' Quality vs. Quantity quarrel has no age it's not going anywhere anytime soon. One or the other is always going to be a leveraging tool in any deal be it big or small. My personal outlook is to stay a step ahead of a world that is getting smaller and smaller at every new technology that enters our lives. In doing so, localized and educated consumerism is an essential practice to help stay even "leaner and meaner" for lack of a better phrase. Instant Sleep and myself are working on a little project with localized ideals and industrial american heritage as inspiration. It is very important for our generation to reclaim the pride and work ethic to bring things back home back to our country, back to our state, back to your town. How cool would it be to have an industry back here, on the very block you live on where the building next to your luxury "LOFT" I mean old factory turned into hipster hut is producing things that you may wear, or use on a daily basis. That is the America that I wish I had a chance to see, localized supply and demand. These few photos really moved me, It's the small things that count, and who's counting anyway its not about numbers it's about QUALITY!

This desk could only inspire one to think about quality, detail, industrial renewal!

Stay High and say hi...when did it become a crime to say hi in passing to a fellow neighbor. It would be nice if a boat from Philadelphia was taking a load of dry goods to this dock in New York for manufacturing, and even cooler if the rope that tied the boat to this was made by the old building on N. Delaware Avenue that clearly states "WE MAKE ROPE". Stay high but don't be a dope.

Im a fanatic for garages filled with old american iron and oil... A homebuilt american renewal program in owns backyard, salvage an old bike or car, and buy parts from swaps, and other collectors, and use local mechanics to help bring the project along.

These next 2 pics are what inspired this post, I was in awe looking at these pics. They capture my thoughts exactly and way beyond, because it is a tangible operation not just an idea. PLEASE READ!

Edutain yourself!

"You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." Lennon-

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