Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Born free? Live free?? Die Free???

Flew the iron bird to california this past weekend to catch up with my best friend Lil Hatchet, He recently packed up his university city apartment in West Philadelphia and moved to SoCal to live free and easy in the sun....His objectives: to farm and build motocycles, not sure as to what order, but it seems he already has his hands dirty with both. This weekend was the Born Free 4 motorcycle show and it was our goal to get both bikes running and to the show. Both bikes made it to the show although The Pocono Panhead had no brakes and the the carburetor was adjusted while Den was riding it through the park on our way to the show, but we made it. It was an amazing show with a great turnout of people and motorcycles from around the world. Met some old friends some new friends and even fanned out on meeting a childhood hero, who stole the show with 4 eccentric 60's era choppers, and he quickly became an adulthood idol as well. The rest of the stay was spent taking in the sun and the beautiful coastal scenery in the surf town were he lived. We topped the weekend off with tattoos and then off to the airport to catch a plane that was cancelled.....fine with me another day in the sun.

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