Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fashion before function?

Most of my life I have lived by the motto "fashion before function"...A dear friend pointed out to me in recent times that when people grow, people go! My interpretation of his artistic statement was that as we get older and supposedly wiser people find their own ways, and paths that stray away from the ways of their yesteryear. Looking at my choices today versus those that i made in the past I feel myself gravitating towards making more decisions based on function, and not just my own personal function but those who depend on me and look up to me. My old self may have been too cool to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, but now all that supposed "wisdom" aka grey hair is always covered by a helmet when I ride. If you gotta wear one you might as well make it a fashionable one I suppose. The main reason that I wear a helmet, I would hope to survive to see another moment like this!!!!


Mark said...

Sold all my novelties for a DOT. Times are a changin' my friend, or at least I am.

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