Friday, December 28, 2012

Raiders of the lost art...

Have you ever been driving down a highway and passed an auto dealership and got a little chuckle out of the window splash paintings adorning the windshields of cars on the lot that are decorated with neon lettering and smirky slogans? I always wondered to myself who writes the ads and how do they have such cool old lettering technique, and how do I get a job doing that?! The small details accompanying the price,make/model and slogan always caught my eye too, just enough detail and 3d effects to tie it all together and lure your nonnatural born consumer instincts to the product being offered. There are numerous reasons why I adore this lost art form, it has small compliments of graffiti, sign painting, humor, and less is more approach. This post is my little homage to another art form that has went he way of vinyl cut stickers.

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