Thursday, October 10, 2013

RACECAR spelled backwards is RACECAR....but whos talking about backwards! Forward and onward only.

How could it have not been a good weekend, one of my friends just came home from the state hotel from A 2 year stay, we stopped to see him in his natural element which was a barber shop in South Philadelphia, lots of laughs...Welcome home BAEZ!!! We almost convinced him to participate in our weekend at the beach but we weren't so lucky, or he wasn't so lucky not too clear on that one but...Oh speaking of lucky, a $2,000 come up at the roullette table in Atlantic city is just that, and was just what kicked off an awesome indian summer weekend at the beach. Saturday was "The race of gentlemen" the 2nd annual event in which pre war jalopies, and motorcycles race on the beach... Moto after moto, car after car, bike after bike... Nostalgia hung over like a fog, oh speaking of fog that rolled in too, which helped trick my mind into thinking that I perhaps just might be dreaming that I was on a beach in Wildwood, Nj watching pre war american iron and rubber run the rpm's as high as their old engines would allow.... This was the closest I will ever get to the smell, the sound and the feel of the pre war America that I have only read about and seen through pictures.

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