Monday, January 6, 2014

Champions are made when the stands are empty!

My best friend and fellow BAD LUXADOR "knees in the breeze" is attempting to set a landspeed record this year on the salt flats at Bonneville. I never ask people to support or vote for things, but this means a lot to me because by doing so I can help a friend live out one of his dreams. Danny is a very inspirational person, who manages to get some amazing stuff done, I don't know how or why sometimes, but none the less he takes care of business. If you know or know of him then you know he has lent plenty of hands for the love of fixing things or building things, not for the money. This video I thought was very genuine and awesome, it sums him up as much as a short film can. Please if you have the time, check out the contest www.alwaysachampion go to [search for a champion], [entry gallery] [search] for: BSA DRY LAKES BIKE...Then VOTE It only takes a few minutes to sign up and make an account and vote as often as you can, anyone that takes the time to do this I really thank you in advance! You can copy and paste the links below the pics to sign up and to view the video.

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