Friday, August 15, 2014

The Traveling luxberries...

Whats the most americana way to say I was there...and I got the sticker to prove it, well not really a sticker a water slide...not related to wild water kingdom. Travel decals rent a small place in my heart especially ones that have baked onto the glass of an old Detroit made automobile or yellowed cracked ones adorning a Buco windshield on an old motorcycle. They are souvenirs of an America that was and no longer is, Americas corporate strip mall landscapes are changing the mini cultural and scenic routes through this country, now everywhere is basically the same the same stores the same bullshit... These little decals were made with all of the same ideas, images and humor that I still seek out today. Be it funny, artistic, informative, cultural, risqué, theres usually enough on one individual decal for me to stop and give it a one over to check out the illustration or the landmark reference. Heres to a time when stickers were applied with water and America was an exciting place with hidden adventure spots waiting to be explored, and hell you may have even gotten inspired to travel to a destination just by seeing a small 3x3 pictorial.

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