Thursday, January 15, 2015

"There Will Be Smoke"

The nostalgic beach-town of Wildwood, New Jersey hosted the 3rd annual 'Race of Gentlemen' this previous year.  The small - yet iconic town undergoes an immense, and almost unrecognizable transformation as the influx of car and motorcycle enthusiasts invade the titular Jersey getaway with their timeless creations.  Engines sputter; smoke bellows; and rubber is churned.  The main event takes place within a small pocket along the shore-line.  It's setup is rudimentary, yet effective: a strip of sand; a few checkered flags; and a shit-ton of ambition.  The races are cyclical, yet unpredictable.  A forgotten past time essentially, rejuvenated.  I was gifted the opportunity to film last years event.  So I poured into my overalls, lassoed my camera, and hit the sand.  Here's what I captured...  Enjoy!

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Know Your Legends said...

Killer. Welcome to the team