Thursday, April 2, 2015

Quantity is what you count...Quality is what you count on!

Hmmmmmm....This post is a mere constructive criticism of a specific RRL Tshirt, and in no way am I attacking the ethos of RRL. I want to set the record straight, I love Ralph Lauren clothing and the lifestyle that he is selling throughout all of his lines, in particular RRL is my favorite. This Tshirt however, really bummed me out! Fashion faux pas, not so much! American workwear has been trending for the past few years, its the imagery that was selected and the blatant disrespect to what American workwear and union labeling is all about. The front of the shirt clearly states RRL "Americas workwear brand" I'm cool with that I actually like that a lot. Now lets get to the inside tags of this LIMITED EDITION shirt were it gets ugly. First and foremost "Americas workwear brand" SHOULD not be made in China!!! Secondly they use various union garment makers union labels on the tag to make it look more authentic as if it was actually made in the USA by union garment makers like the authentic American workwear brands. I am an attention to detail kind of consumer and observer, I would gladly pay more for a limited edition shirt that actually was made in USA, paying homage to the actual labor movement that your trying to make a buck off. These are "UNION BUGS" they are placed on things made by American union workers letting the world know that the product was made in the USA with union labor. It is obvious that this "limited edition" shirt was not made by union workers here in America when the tag above says Made in China. It's a sad day in age when one of the biggest American companies makes a Limited edition shirt depicting "America's Workwear brand" then illegally places union labels on the inside tag with the words IN USA, but the shirt was made in China?! Isn't it ironic, Don't you think!!!! It's like buying an American flag that was made in in China, or our own American olympiads wearing uniforms not made in America. It may not be important to you now, but if you have children think about the American future they will have if there is no conscious effort to bring industries back to America. It's hard to pay off a trillion dollar debt when you don't actually make product or provide service... SIDENOTE: This is relative to conscious consumerism and the understanding of what you are buying when it is made in China. A few weeks ago on 60 minutes television program they ran a special about wood flooring made in China that Lumber liquidators sold. Allegedly this flooring contains illegal and extremely toxic levels of fromaldehyde that can cause numerous cancers, respiratory problems, and various other diseases especially in small children. We redid our kitchen last year and unbeknown purchased this exact flooring, coincidentally my youngest daughter has had respiratory problems for the last year as well, we have had her at the doctors numerous times trying to find out why she is still having respiratory issues. This infuriated me, because of the lower quality of life standards and work standards in China. They are allowed to make a product that can be harmful to us, put a sticker on the box saying it meets USA health and safety standards in which it didn't and then the product gets sold in our markets installed in my home, and now my family/children could be getting sick from this...We have gotten little response from Lumber Liquidators about this, they told us they would send an air sample tester weeks ago and we still have not gotten it yet. The point I want to make is, had I spent a little more money buying a product made here under USA health standards and guidelines I wouldn't be dealing with this fiasco. Sorry for the rants! This is not a pro union ra-ra either I support all working tax paying Americans, its about Americans as a whole collectively wanting to create more jobs here by purchasing goods made here.


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