Saturday, September 26, 2015

If these walls could speak...

This week I surveyed a job at the old West Philly high school, as the interior is being demoed, there are remnants of old wall writings going back to the late 1960's and early 1970's being exposed under old chalkboards and bulletin boards. These wall writings mark the beginning of what has grown to be a worldwide folk art that is commonly referred to as Graffiti. In the early 2000's some close friends of mine hipped me to the history of this early writing style that emerged from he 1960's gang war era, ever since I have been fascinated by the letter forms and even more by the names that people chose. In these photos you will see some really funky names, not only of certain individuals but also the clubs that they ran with. Take a second to look closely to find some really hidden gems in pen and or pencil hidden in the layers of writing. Some names that really stood out to me in these findings were... Geronimo Goober, Ice cold Bob, Dynamic Dimples, Kitty of club once m8's, Kool kept kidd, Pudding', Captain runaway, Kool-Kiss, Cool earl, Klub super bad soul, Klub Koolie, too-tall, club lady matadors... Yours truly, Kerli-Q 152 of the intuitive 2Bular innovators club.

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