Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday picture mixture...

I have been photodocumenting my career in the union through these pictures I take from various buildings in town in basements and roof tops, that I get to go into on a daily basis.

I try not to look down on people, but sometimes it's hard.

Center city Hustler

DU.. HESH...I actually know them, they would probrably be stoked on this picture.

This picture has a cool story to go with it. Im working in a high rise on JFK blvd. in philadelphia, and they are converting the mechanical penthouse of the bldg to a high end luxury condo for the owner. Prior to the change it was a cafeteria for the bldg to come and get food. So as the demolition of the old cafe starts they rip down these huge mirrors that were 10 feet tall by 4 feet wide and behind the mirrors on the wall is what you see below. Now to the rest of the people on the job it was nothing at all prolly didnt even notice it, but to me it said Kool Corn Bread. I had heard rumors that cornbread was in the laborers union, and this wall would have been built during the bldg's original construction in the 80's, and laborers would have been all over that job.. It definetly is not his signature style of writing, so I question it's authenticity, but it also opened up a whole mystery of did he do it? He may have just done it quick in cursive because he was on the job and didnt have time. Who knows who did the tag but Kool is spelled with a "K" which was popular of that time period. Pretty neat none the less. it's not everyday that people rip something down and walla underneath is a time capsule of something you are into.

Usual suspects...

Enjoy your weekend..peace!

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