Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008--- BAD or LUXURY!


At least we wont be hostages from these 2 f%^king creeps anymore. Fresh painting from SEVER MSK

These 2 pictures make me sad as an American, force feeding democracy down the throats of people who are basically living in a religious state is not Democratic at all. It makes sense most of the time, but not all the time. Not to get all political but true democracy would to have caught Osama for attacking our country. The picture of our dead returning home in a casket breaks my heart, This war hit home to my family with 2 people I knew being killed over there, and it is a reality to alot of American families. 2008 marks another year we were in Iraq wasting precious lives, and U.S. tax dollars based on a lie told by those 2 crooks above!

This brand use to mean something to me. Nike used to be a great company with design, style, technology, etc etc.. now, all it is to me is a company that keeps putting out poor quality retros of past sneakers in 100 million wack colors and with the worst materials possible. 2008 was a wack year for nike, woopty doo the Jordan 23 came out...It's not a classic by any means!

Another year plagued by drug addiction, Drugs have taken their toll on me again watching friends and family fall victim, friendships were broken, trusts were lost, and families were in dissaray once again. FUCK DRUGS and people who glamorize them!

This one really got under my skin, blood thirsty for anything cool to exploit to the masses website HYPEBEAST, took it upon themselves to announce that Ralph Lauren Polo was rereleasing a classic cookie boot, and that it was a cocaine dealers shoe in the 80's blah blah blah.. Shut the f**k up! The POLO image wasn't meant to be portrayed as some street coke dealing brand, and don't try to paint that picture to make it look cool to the younger kids. Especially, when last year you were only talking about phoney streetwear skate brand rainbow brite neon collaboration fitted hat and sneakers to match. It bothered me that POLO was on HYPEBEAST, YES! Now every uber trendy kid is going to be wearing polo and playing it out!

Polo Ralph Lauren "Ranger" Boots

Posted by: L.A. Ruano / December 26, 2008 / 2 Comments

Unavailable and out of production for sometime, the Polo Ralph Lauren "Ranger" boots make a triumphant return at the very end of 2008. Usually referred to as the "cookie boot", the model was made popular for its circle leather patch resembling a cookie shape as well as being a staple amongst cocaine dealers, hence the nickname. This time around, the classic silhouette receives a rich tan nubuck upper complimented by loafer-detailing and a buckled strap across the laces, giving the rugged platform an edgy yet sophisticated look. The Ranger's are now available at select Polo Ralph Lauren retailers including the David Z. flagship store as well as David Z's newly redesigned website.

For example..........................

Ski were still skiing around in your pops testicles in yung monkey!

Do you think they will know I got my whole POLO outfit from Marshalls?

Don't be so sad, hypebeast will find something else cool for you to buy!

LUXURY meaning Gee double Oh dee...

Change. History was made in 08' the first African American was elected president of the USA. I hope he can really bring goodness back into our country!

Ralph Lauren still preserving great american fashion without all the trendy nonsense. 2008 was a good year for POLO they released classy collections that showed true american style.

Is MITCHELL & NESS back? Perhaps. Now that the whole hip hop jersey, jacket and fiitted phase is over it seems that M&N is finally getting back to it's roots and producing very nostalgic, and traditional pieces in regular sizes not 8xl.

Phinally! Phillies win world series.......

Michael phelps wins a record breaking number of medals in the olympics. It was a small boost of moral in a year of blues being played daily on our television sets! Watching him and cheering him on along with the rest of the country felt good!

SMART CREW! This crew did awesome things this year, innovative, original, creative, they traveled, and most of all they gave back. In 2008 They in my opinion really pushed the boundaries of what a crew can do.

and as a bonus feature, here is a true definition of ::::BAD LUXURY:::::
BAD being the high prices of gas
LUXURY being the leisure to overcome that burden through bypassing the oil evils and riding a bike which saves $$$ and is great excersize..

Peace out, premier take me out with the fader!

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