Saturday, December 27, 2008

It was written....

So, to some this post will be a bore, but to others it may draw an attraction of sorts. Well, for me it makes you ponder back to A time when life was much different, and everything was done by hand. The letters had so much more warmth to them when they were written by hand and sent by mail, and hand delivered to the recipient. Life was slower by means of communication. The quality and thought put into writing was more poetic and graceful. Reading some of the letters or documnets will place you in a time warp, or peak into a life that once was for a brief second. Click on some of the Documents and read them or just admire the craftmanship put into a document, with woven seals and wax stamps. The main attraction to old handwriting for me is style and mood, I study letter form in many ways that one could not fathom, from the coolest new form of typography to the most obscure graffiti written in a subway tunnel painted in the 1960's, bubble letters, pieces, fonts, to personal signatures.etc etc.. In a day were most of our writing is done by pushing keys and hitting send, the art and elegance in handwriting is dwindling away. A conversation with A friend recently about handwriting in general probably spawned this post, and the coolest thing about it for me was after searching and looking for some examples of writng, I found the document below and it is a Treaty from the US government with my Indian tribe.

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